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Join other budding writers such as Josh, Sarah, Phillip, Janine, and Clayton*! Write stories, get critiques, and be a part of our vibrant community!

*RIP Josh, Sarah, Phillip, Janine, and Clayton. You will be missed, and in your honor all future theDome retreats will not use discount shrimp. Bad seafood kills.

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By signing up for theDome you agree to a whole bunch of things you won't like, such as increased stubbed toes, reemergent bedwetting, and bird attacks. You agree that all communication must be done in grammatically correct Esperanto, and any use of English could result in an immediate ban. You must round all numbers to the nearest whole number, as theDome is not tolerant of decimals, except for when discussing the Dewey Decimal system. Any users caught eating stews while browsing the site will be subjected to bouilla-baissed puns. If you have pets, pictures of all animals must be provided on the forums, and must be cute. No uggos. If at any time you fart while using this site, you are to leave the room for a period of 10 minutes. Using this site to commit crimes is encouraged. If the site is experiencing financial difficulties, you agree to give up your life of materialism and donate all of your income to theDome in exchange for a burlap robe and a bowl of soggy oatmeal. If at anytime you are unhappy with your experience using this site, you are entitled to go fuck yourself. Side effects include, but are not limited to: thick knuckles, flaming hair folicles, eye divergence, tendon shrinkage, skin disappearance, sudden cyborg syndrome, tooth jellification, see-through bones, dog sense, banana genes, internet-transmissable farts, and/or butt brain.